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Side-by-Side Exhibit Comparison

Side-by-Side Exhibit Comparison

Side-by-Side Exhibit Comparison

Software programs like Trial Director and Sanction are becoming commonplace in the courtroom – and for good reason. They assist counsel in presenting a seamless, cohesive presentation to the court and jury. One of the benefits of evidence presentation software is the ability to compare and contrast two documents in a side by side comparison format.

In one particular instance, our client represented a party involved in a contract dispute. The case involved the allegation that certain provisions of a contract were amended without knowledge of one of the contracting parties.

During the trial, our technology consultant was able to pull up the original contract and the modified contract on the projection screen, side by side, so that the witness could compare the two documents and explain the differences to the jury. Presenting the documents in this manner allowed for an efficient examination of the witness without having to flip back and forth between two pieces of paper and/or using bulky demonstrative foam boards.

Our client won the case. When interviewing the jury afterwards, jurors reported that the ability to see the two contract provisions, side by side, was key in their decision. They were able to easily follow the witnesses testimony and were persuaded by both the testimony and the side by side comparison of the exhibits.