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Expertise, resources and tools to sway decision makers in your favor.

Battle-Proven Expertise

Opveon is one of the most well-rounded and full-featured litigation support and consulting providers in the country. We began this adventure with the goal of making litigation more efficient and litigators more effective through the use of technology.

+ Years of Combined Experience
+ Cases
+ Jury Trials
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What Our Clients Say

"A winning strategy at trial requires planning, precision and the right personnel. April & Jason have proven themselves to be indispensable as fully integrated members of our trial teams, and their mettle has been tested in several of our most complicated trials, including a recent federal trial spanning over 50 trial days. I highly recommend Opveon’s talents to everyone except our clients opponents."

Scott McDaniel

Attorney at Law and Founding Partner at McDaniel Acord, PLLC

“Opveon is simply the best. Once they assist you in preparing for and conducting a trial, you will not want to go through the process without them.”

Brock Bowers

Attorney at Law at Hiltgen & Brewer

Industry-Leading Resources

Our expert consultants work tirelessly to ensure that we are always taking complete advantage of the resources at our disposal.

Bleeding Edge

We are constantly evaluating new methodologies and workflows to ensure that we remain on the bleeding edge while balancing risk. This knowledge is power and affords us the ability to serve you and your clients more efficiently and more effectively throughout the legal process.

We share this knowledge with you, our clients, through seminars and CLE presentations because we want to help you achieve success in your own practice.

The Power to Choose

When Opveon becomes a part of your litigation team, along with us comes all of the resources that we have researched and vetted.

This unlocks limitless potential for you and your clients. Whether that be through cost-saving measures such as video conferencing and streaming deposition video services, or by taking advantage of new technologies and presentation media such as 3D modeling or drone footage – our wide-ranging services enhance your capabilities both in and out of the courtroom.

Sample Our Work

We love our clients and we're proud of the work we get to do with them.

Powerful Persuasion Tools

As a member of your team, we compliment your presentation of the evidence by arming you with the right software and visuals that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

In-Courtroom Presentation

In the courtroom, speed and accuracy are paramount. Opveon’s trial technology specialists are fast and precise, always working to stay in step with your witness examinations and presentations of evidence.

Demonstrative Graphics

Our demonstrative aids don’t overshadow your presentation of evidence. Instead, they enhance it by taking complex issues and distilling them down into concise graphics that resonate with the judge and jury.

Video Production

Witnesses are foundational to your case and creating clips of their testimony for presentation is far superior to reading their deposition transcript at trial.

Presentation Design

Juries and decision makers are bombarded with visual stimuli. Let us help to bolster your openings/closings with demonstratives and other media.

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