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1437 S. Boulder Ave., #170, Tulsa, OK 74119


Ric Larson

Ric Larson

Vice President - Reporting & Videography

born on: 12.28
phone: 918.359.8900
lives in: Tulsa, OK

As Vice President of Reporting and Videography, Ric is responsible for managing all aspects of Opveon’s Reporting and Videography practice. Everything from schedule and resource coordination to ensuring the technical issues associated with reporting, videography, and remote capture are working seamlessly.

In this day and age, communications and data are transmitted instantly, from one side of the world to the other. Witnesses move across the city or across the world in our global economy. Ric works with Opveon’s management and technical teams to ensure that our unique blend of service offerings, combined with industry connections and technological tools, can provide our clients the tools they need to more efficiently and effectively manage the discovery phase of litigation.

Ric is a Certified Deposition Video Specialist, Certified Evidentiary Video Specialist, and a Certified Trial Technology Specialist.

In his spare time Ric enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as volunteering with a variety of nonprofits.