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David Roe

David Roe

Senior Consultant

born on: 05.16
phone: 918-359-8900
lives in: Arkansas
education: B.S.

Bringing with him over 30 years of litigation experience, David Roe is one of Opveon’s newest team members. He has clocked over 900 in-courtroom events, conducted countless depositions as a videographer, and brings with him a wealth of practical and business knowledge and experience.

David is a distinguished and accomplished leader in the field of legal videography. He was a charter member of the American Guild of Court Videographers (“AGCV”), one of two national certification bodies for legal videographers and trial technology consultants. As a board member for the AGCV, David was instrumental in developing industry policies for the legal video and trial technology profession. David has also worked with the AGCV to train and certify legal videographers.

Much of David’s professional success is derived from his willingness to adapt to the technological changes that have occurred in the legal industry over the past 30 years. He is a true industry pioneer and brings with him his own unique style of legal videography and in-courtroom evidence presentation which always exceeds his client’s expectations.

David received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice – Paralegal Studies from Northeastern State University. His educational background combined with his years of professional experience makes David one of Opveon’s most valuable assets.