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High Definition Deposition Video

High-Definition Deposition Video

High Definition Deposition Video

You’ve heard the phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out” right? Well, not here.

We record our deposition video using High Definition cameras which allows us to capture more than twice as much detail as standard definition video. On top of that, this video is captured digitally – directly to a Secure Digital memory card in camera.

The original HD video lets us start with exceptional quality source material. It offers us a lot of flexibility in delivery formats Рwhether the need is a DVD, synchronized video, delivery on the web, iPad/Android tablet or something else entirely. Capturing HD deposition video also helps to future-proof the product. While current trial presentation equipment in courtrooms might not be able to handle High Definition video currently, in a few years, when the case actually goes to trial, HD video will probably be a viable option. It already is with the equipment that we use when we setup our own courtroom technology.