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Author: Opveon

Better Faster Cheaper Litigation

Better Faster Cheaper Litigation CLE

Technology is a tool, plain and simple. In the case of litigators, technology is a tool that helps you to tell a story, your client’s story. And the proper use of it as a tool can actually save you and your client money, allow you to work much more efficiently than ever before while simultaneously making you more effective as a litigator. I recently presented on this exact topic at the OBA's Insurance Section Summer Meeting....

iPad Video in Jury Deliberations

iPads in Jury Deliberations

What if you could hand a juror an iPad to deliberate with? This exact scenario came up in a recent trial where we had audiovisual evidence that was presented in court, but that we also wanted the jury to have easy access to while they decided our case. The truth is audiovisual evidence is becoming more and more prevalent. In the last year, we have seen an explosion in the amount of surveillance footage, dashcam footage, audio recordings...

April Ferguson & Joe Paulk

Opveon & Joe Paulk Join Forces to Expand Jury Consulting Practice

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Opveon Litigation Services, LLC - a leading provider of litigation support and consulting services for law firms across the country - announced today that they will be partnering with Joe Paulk, Esq., CEO of Dispute Resolution Consultants, to expand Opveon’s jury consulting practice. The partnership between Opveon and Paulk will give both of their clients access to industry leading jury research strategies, extensive expertise and advanced technology, giving them a true edge when...

Demonstrative Timeline as a Clock

Complexity Communicated Succinctly

The complexity of litigation is extremely difficult to communicate simply. Boiling down a case to its core components, key players and critical decisions is paramount to helping arm decision makers with the essential information they need to decide in your favor. Sometimes, it just isn't possible to condense the material as much as you would like to. In those instances, the goal should be to communicate all of the necessary information as succinctly as possible. In one...

Remote Witness Testimony at Trial

Remote Witnesses In Washington County Arkansas Bench Trial

Witness logistics at trial can be a little bit like juggling a chainsaw, a torch and a two-edged knife… or maybe two of each at the same time. It may be as simple as asking your witness to wake up a few minutes earlier to avoid traffic when driving to the courthouse. But more often than not, there are a myriad of factors in play that are entirely out of your control and can sometimes feel...

Picture-in-Picture Deposition Video

Picture-in-Picture Deposition Video

Picture-in-Picture Deposition Video does for evidence in a deposition what video does for testimony in a deposition #1 - PiP Deposition Video Eliminates Ambiguity Have you ever been involved in a deposition where a witness was handed a map or a blank sheet of paper and asked to describe a series of events, only to do so using relative terms like this or that, here or there, left and right? It is easy to overlook this conversational shorthand at the...

High-Definition Deposition Video

High Definition Deposition Video

You've heard the phrase "Garbage In, Garbage Out" right? Well, not here. We record our deposition video using High Definition cameras which allows us to capture more than twice as much detail as standard definition video. On top of that, this video is captured digitally - directly to a Secure Digital memory card in camera. The original HD video lets us start with exceptional quality source material. It offers us a lot of flexibility in delivery formats...

“I didn’t say you stole my car.”

That’s a good fact, right? On paper it communicates a lot of information and answers quite a few different questions at the same time. It’s in black and white, two-dimensional: “I didn’t say you stole my car.” Written language leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s face it, the open-endedness inherent in the written word is why we have disagreements and lawsuits. Interpretations run the gamut and all of the good intentions, clarifications, and qualifying statements in...

How to Present Your Case in Trial Just Like Pixar Creates Movies

Remember Toy Story? Released all the way back in 1995, it revolutionized hollywood and brought the awe-inspiring combination of art and technology of entirely computer animated films to the forefront. Since that time, Pixar has continued to produce blockbuster after blockbuster with movies like Cars, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and Up, just to name a few. The company’s success is staggering. While it would be easy to attribute the initial success of the company to the...