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The Opveon Story

Opveon is one of the most well-rounded and full-featured litigation support and consulting providers in the country. We began this adventure with the goal of making litigation more efficient and litigators more effective through the use of technology.

And while we continue to do that each and every day, our focus has expanded and we now share our years of in-courtroom experience with clients across the country to help them develop better strategies to win their cases.

We are your A-to-Z litigation support service provider and we want to become a part of your litigation team!

“Our arbitration panel was impressed by the technology and loved not having to fumble through thousands of exhibits.  All at a cost that was significantly cheaper than paper copies!”

Lance Bryan

Partner at Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson

"A winning strategy at trial requires planning, precision and the right personnel. April & Jason have proven themselves to be indispensable as fully integrated members of our trial teams, and their mettle has been tested in several of our most complicated trials, including a recent federal trial spanning over 50 trial days. I highly recommend Opveon’s talents to everyone except our clients opponents."

Scott McDaniel

Attorney at Law and Founding Partner at McDaniel Acord, PLLC

“Opveon is simply the best. Once they assist you in preparing for and conducting a trial, you will not want to go through the process without them.”

Brock Bowers

Attorney at Law at Hiltgen & Brewer

The Opveon Consulting Team

CEO + Senior Trial Consultant

Vice President - Practice Support

Vice President - Reporting & Videography

Trial Technology Consultant

Trial Technology Consultant